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PT ASTRA TOYOTA - AUTO 2000 Banjarmasin

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PT ASTRA TOYOTA - AUTO 2000 Banjarmasin
PT ASTRA TOYOTA - AUTO 2000 Banjarmasin
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Name:Mr. PADLIN DAULAY [Marketing]
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Mobile Number:085251206665
Phone Number:085251206665
Address:Jl Pangeran Hidayatullah (Benua Anyar)
Banjarmasin 70121, Kalimantan Selatan
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Registration Date:Aug. 10, 2013
Last Updated:Aug. 11, 2013
Business Nature:Trade of Automobile category

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Company Brief

AUTO 2000 established in 1975 under the name Astra Motor Sales, new in 1989 and changed its name to Auto2000. Auto2000 is a network of sales service, maintenance, repair and supply spare parts of Toyota' s management is fully handled by PT Astra International Tbk.

Currently playing Auto2000 is the largest Toyota dealership in Indonesia, which controls between 70-80% of total Toyota sales. In its business activities, Auto2000 associated with PT Toyota Astra Motor, the sole agent ( ATPM) Toyota. Auto2000 is the official dealer of Toyota with four other Toyota dealers.

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